Craniosacral Montreux, Vevey & Lausanne

Why CranioSacral?

Caring, compassionate and mindful – these skills that I can offer you. In a séance, space opens up for the client, where he or she can feel accepted, safe and secure, even with all their pain and or trauma, whether physical or emotional, conscious or unconscious, wherever one is at the current moment. Acceptance and respect for what is “Now” are important keywords.

Each client brings with themselves, to each séance, something that I can look at and perceive with respect and gratitude to him or her. We can connect to and convert this material together to become a resource since each coin has two sides. It can be a global expression of the experience with several contents, which I accompany person-oriented and process-oriented.

“We facilitate a process – we do not fix a problem.” John E. Upledger

Process of a Session

Individual and creative – the situation will always be adjusted according to age, problems, intentions and needs. However, the therapeutic dialogue plays an important role. Specific questions should lead the process to self-awareness, self-competence, and self-responsibility.

A conscious navigation of the client’s perception from external to internal is essential. The conversation and the subsequent Lucia N°03 light experience is, in my practice, an important preparatory phase for working with the body. The mind is given an inspiring and invigorating impulse through conversation, the soul through light experience and the body through craniosacral therapy.

Careful contact creates an environment in which the client can feel as a whole. This safe and secure atmosphere facilitates relaxation. Throughout the process, emotions or memories can surface, which is appreciated and integrated in the best possible way. Basically, I work with careful contact with the fully clothed body.

Effects of CranioSacral

During a séance, it’s not possible to only achieve deep relaxation on a physical level, but also on the energetic and psycho-emotional level. The support of the expression of the emotions, spontaneous movements, or another kind of expression and relaxation can have an intensely liberating and healing effect.

In doing so, we may open ourselves up to the hidden and repressed feelings, whether positive or negative, that can bring about a so-called “emotional release” response. The insights, self-recognition and self-awareness gained, inspire the transformational process towards liberation from old behavioral patterns, authenticity and self-determination.

On a physical level, the path to healing is to be able to accept and release the pain, or tension, to allow space for what is, and to then relax deeply and recognize one’s individual resources. The integration of the experience lasts at least 48 hours after the séance.

Everything is possible and everything is welcome.